Tiers and Tears

With Scotland in a 5 Tier system to try and stem the rise in Coronavirus cases, and much of Central Scotland at the highest tier, it is continuing to have a devastating effect on weddings.

Many couples choose to marry in a different council area to where they live, I know I did. The (kind of) good news is that you and your guests - however many you are able to have - are permitted to travel to attend a wedding/reception. However if the venue is in Tier 4, then receptions are not permitted. I've given a rundown of the Tier restrictions as they relate to weddings, however I'd advise checking in on the Scottish Government website here, as things do seem to change at a rate of knots!

Best case scenario at the moment is at Level 0, where numbers are still restricted - but to 50, so quite a large jump from most of this year. At Levels 1-4 you are limited to 20 guests. Initially guidance at Level 4 was for only 5 guests, but thankfully that was changed. Included within your numbers are the couple, witnesses, children, carers, and any independent suppliers - such as photographer or musician. Your celebrant, and any interpreter you may require are not included.

With a 'Christmas Break' scheduled there is the worry that it could lead to a further spike in cases in January, but we'll be keeping everything crossed this doesn't happen! With vaccines in the works, although it is a bit of a long road, we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.

I've spoken to many couples who have decided to go ahead with smaller weddings than they'd planned, and an equal amount who just want to hold off and have the day that they'd originally planned. There's no right or wrong thing to do, just do what works best for you!