Route Map, or maybe not quite...

After yesterday's announcement by Boris Johnson, where he gave specific dates for when sectors could start opening back up – including a date of 21st of June when all would be back to normal – there was definitely disappointment in Scotland when Nicola Sturgeon's announcement was much more vague.

Scotland will be returning to a tier system by the end of April, with a more detailed route map due in mid March which will hopefully give a much more detailed outlook. Weddings weren't mentioned by Sturgeon, but brought up during FMQs by Ruth Davidson. Ms Sturgeon said that she hoped for an increase to numbers by the end of April, but they may still be subject to restrictions.

Unfortunately the current stay at home message seems likely to stay in place until at least the 5th of April. I know this isn't the news we all wanted, but hopefully this cautious approach means that when we finally come out of lockdown we never have to go back into it!