Planning your Stationery

Today's focus is on Wedding Stationery and Fiona from Caledonian Cowgirl has some advice about planning your timeline.

We're not living in normal times right now (unfortunately), so traditional timings for sending out stationery are a bit different, however I'd suggest speaking to both your stationer and venue, to see if they can offer advice on when is best to send them out. For example a venue will be able to guide you as to when they need to have your final numbers, and stationers have different lead times deepening on whether you go for something handmade, or design-led.

If you're planning on sending save the dates then usually you would send them about a year in advance, and this varies depending on factors such as if you have guests travelling, are getting married on a weekday or public holiday, or have restrictions on accommodation. Usually you would send these to day guests only, however it is becoming more popular to also send 'save the evening' cards to reception guests. Now, if you're getting married next year, then hopefully you'll be in a position where you should be allowed to have a larger amount of guests. As more and more weddings are being moved due to the pandemic, when things open back up again properly I think it's likely that everyone will be inundated with invitations to weddings and events - won't that be nice!

With your invitations, usually these would be sent 3-4 months in advance, however if you haven't done save the dates then perhaps you'd like too send these out a bit earlier. When speaking to your stationer, it's worth having in mind what exactly you need in terms of information. For example, maybe you have lots of details you'd like to include, along with an RSVP, so perhaps a concertina design, or pocketful would be best for you. Alternatively if you just have an invitation and RSVP, bundle designs are a lovely way to package your stationery without going to a huge expense, but still looking special. Whatever you go for, bear in mind that you could perhaps have a less extravagant version for your evening guests, so say a flat card with a mobile or email RSVP.

Finally, if you require any on the day stationery, this would tend to be done 4-6 weeks in advance, once you have all of your replies back. This could include table plans, signage, table names and place cards. Trust me, if you can outsource writing place cards I'd do it! You'll have enough on your hands at that stage.

As I mentioned, these are general timings, but everyone is different, and I've been working with a lot of my clients to design their stationery, then hold off on printing it until they have a better ida of the number of guests they'll be allowed.

If you'd like to discuss your stationery please get in touch.