Latest COVID Guidlelines

I think we're all constantly waiting for the latest Government announcements to see how they're going to affect us. I live in the Greater Glasgow health board area, so from tomorrow I'll be in a (kind of) lockdown. It's all very confusing to know what is happening, and if you're a bride or groom in the next 6 months, then it must be a very stressful time for you.

Although things may have changed slightly in certain local areas, it's good to see that wedding guidelines haven't changed if you've already booked your day. So currently as it stands in Scotland, you are allowed 20 guests at your wedding, and can also have them to stay at a reception, although you won't be able to have any music, singing or chanting (although I'm not sure how many weddings have this).

There was a bit of confusion recently over weddings taking place at private dwellings. So if this is something which you're considering, I'd suggest checking with the Scottish Government guidelines which are linked below:

Have you been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic? To be honest who hasn't! We'd love to hear from you, whether you're a couple who has decided to postpone, or switch to a smaller wedding, or a supplier who has tips to give. The whole point of this new blog is to give both couples and suppliers a space to access information which will help them in the months ahead.