How to book the right wedding photographer for you...

Choosing a photographer for your big day can be a bit of a minefield, with a wealth of suppliers to choose from, so Lee from Lee Davidson Connor Photography gives some tips on making sure that the photographer you book for your wedding is the perfect fit for you.

Tips to booking the right Wedding Photographer.

Planning a wedding can be stressful & if it’s your first time, choosing the right suppliers can be a mind field.

What kind of photographer are you wanting? Traditional, Natural, Fine Art, Documentary??? Being a Natural, Reportage Photographer myself, I capture the life moments. Those moments can be laughter, tears or just fun memories. Staged photographs can be uncomfortable & awkward.

So, with this in mind make sure you think about not only the pictures but how the photographer might make you feel on the day. Are you aware of them all the time, this might become a little annoying. How much will it cost? That’s always the first question I am asked, tell the photographer you love their pictures. If it’s all about money then ask a student or amateur to photograph your wedding. But don’t be disappointed with the quality.

Do your research.

You’ve probably not had to book a photographer before, but let’s be honest you want to get it right.

The pictures are going to be a precious keepsake from your wedding day, you don’t want to choose the wrong photographer.

So, where to start.

Here are a few places to start searching.

Online – Most photographers will have a website, start by searching on the internet. i.e. ‘Glasgow Wedding Photographer’, ‘Ayrshire Wedding Photographer’.

Have a look through their pictures, do they make you feel excited? Look at their Social Media, this is where most of the current content is posted. Read their testimonials too, straight from the horse’s mouth. Recommendations – Ask your venue or other suppliers who have already booked. Wedding suppliers chat to each other all time, you get to know who is recommended. Your venue might even have a list they can supply you with.

Wedding Fayre – Wedding fayres are not for everyone, they can be commercialized flyer dropping nightmares. People trying to sell you their product by offering you massive discounts, pressuring you into booking right there and then. Go for the smaller, venue organized wedding fayres. The suppliers will be hand selected by the organizer, creating a welcoming calm environment.

Can you choose the wrong photographer? Yes!

You might think, it’s only a photographer but remember this product will be with you forever. Be proud of your pictures, show them to your family and friends. Print the photographs and display them all over your house. A major point to think about is will you get on with this person on my wedding day. This is very important, you want someone with a similar personality to yourself. On the day you will be a little stressed even nervous, the last thing you want is to feel frustrated with a big personality. Being a photographer I know how much of a privilege it is to be asked to photograph a wedding, a large amount of money is being spent and you want to do your best.

What are you getting for your money?

These days I feel we are slightly obsessed with ‘the value’ of money. What does that even mean, and who decides the value of something? When a self-employed person sits down and works out how much their product or service will cost they don’t just pick a figure out the sky. (well, maybe there are a few who do). We have costs including insurance, materials, equipment etc. The list goes on, and that’s before the bills most of us have to pay. But also what does our craft or service mean to us, are we educated, how much experience does the individual have. You get the point, the money has to cover quite a lot. A photographer will supply you with a package list, with prices and details of what is included. We all get a feeling when we are purchasing a product, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! The price for a photographer can vary, just because one costs £300 and another costs £1,500 doesn’t always mean they aren’t right for you. As I said above, there is a reason for the cost applied to a photography service.

It would not be right for me to say “this is how much you should pay.” Everyone’s budget is different. To be clear.

Do your research, meet the photographer (ask them to bring a portfolio). To see a printed photograph can make the difference. Remember don’t just focus on the price.

Lee is a photographer based in Renfrewshire. His style of photography is about people, having the chance to engage with you and your wedding guests is what my style celebrates. Capturing the laughter & joy in a reportage style offering you a unique set of photographs.